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Educational Red Panda Facts and Cute Videos

For all of the parents who have kids at home and need some extra activities to do or maybe a fun learning assignment to give, we’ve got you covered!

We have some more facts to share about Red Pandas that your children will love learning about, along with some super cute and educational YouTube videos about them.

Our desire is to spread and build awareness about this adorable creature so we can help combat and stop it from going extinct. The Red Panda is endangered and there are less than 10,000 red pandas in the world today.

(If you’re interested in finding out more about how we are doing this at Red Panda Books, click here.)

Red Panda Facts:

  1. A Red Panda’s lifespan in the wild is only 8 years, which isn’t very long.

  2. They are mostly nocturnal, but may also forage for food during dusk and dawn.

  3. Bamboo makes 85-90% of a Red Panda’s diet. It also eats fruit, insects, small reptiles, and bird eggs sometimes.

  4. In their natural habitat, the top predator of a red panda is the snow leopard.

  5. Red pandas show most activity during colder weather and tend to become lethargic when the weather gets warm. Red pandas prefer colder climates and do not like temperatures above 25°C (77°F). (Who can relate to this in your family? Anyone like the cold?)

  6. Red pandas were once considered to be of the bear family. But after DNA analysis, scientists discovered that Red Pandas are in a family of their own. Sadly, they are the only living species of their biological family called Ailuridae. All other members are extinct.

  7. The Red panda is mostly solitary except during mating season. They are shy and generally stay alone. (Anyone here an introvert? The Red Panda understands you)


  1. Their wrist bone extends outward and is used as a thumb! (I don’t even know how that is possible, but it is!)

  2. Their fur also covers the soles of their feet to help give them traction and prevent them from falling off slippery, wet branches. (Which is ironic because in all of the videos below you will see Red Pandas slipping off branches everywhere!)

  3. When a Red Panda is threatened, it will get on its hind legs to seem larger and more intimidating. (Where in all actuality, it’s just freaking adorable)


1. This video is from the Cincinnati Zoo and shows a few Red Pandas having the time of their life in the snow! Length: 1:14 minutes

2. This video is a compilation of cute and funny videos of Red Pandas from different zoos. It’s adorable and will surely have you laughing and smiling! Length: 4:21 minutes

3. This is another video compilation of the most adorable Red Panda moments at the zoo. We seriously can’t get enough of these fuzzy creatures! Length: 3:18 minutes

4. This Animal Planet clip is both educational—teaching all about the Red Panda—and cute! A female Red Panda gives birth to two little cubs and they are so adorable! It’s surprising that they aren’t actually born with red fur. Check this one out! Length: 8:21 minutes

Here’s to cute Red Pandas making us smile!


Red Panda Books sells personalized children’s adventure books that encourage parents to read with their children and experience adventures together! A portion of the books’ proceeds will be donated to support the Red Panda Network and other organizations that protect endangered species and their habitats.


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