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This journey began many years ago (and we mean many) when Joseph was reading a bedtime story to his young kids. His back was against a bunk bed and his children nestled around him when he turned to a page with an illustration of an attic filled with objects, including an old-fashioned sailing ship.

The idea came to him to have a captain come onto the deck of the ship and invite him and his children on an adventure. Then Joseph started telling a spell-binding story. Night after night this captain took them on adventures. His kids LOVED it and couldn’t wait for bedtime to come and sail to the next adventure! They had so much fun that Joseph wondered how he could share this experience and story with other families.

Captain Pabbu and the Buried Treasure is the first in a planned series of swashbuckling tales! Our jovial and adventurous Captain Pabbu, a dashing red panda, will take you and your children on many wonderful adventures. So climb aboard and enjoy!



Joseph Keeler has loved books from a very young age. He always dreamed of publishing books, owning his own bookstore, and having a vast library. At university, he decided to pursue a law degree. He graduated from BYU law school and became an attorney. He now serves as a judge. Though legal work takes most of his time, he never lost his love for writing books, telling stories to his children, and visiting zoos and adventure parks with them. Captain Pabbu and the Buried Treasure is the first of many books he plans to publish. He looks forward to sharing them with the world and reading them to his seven grandchildren.


Slavina Kancheva is an artist and illustrator from Bulgaria. She is the youngest child and growing up she spent most of her time playing outside with insects, fish, and lizards. She was fascinated by them and strived to capture their images in drawings. This interest led her to study Fine Arts at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she received her bachelor degrees in printmaking. After winning a couple of awards in printmaking, she realized she liked creative illustration, so she attended a course at the Institute of European Design, in Barcelona, Spain. While there, she was captivated by the art of storytelling in images and focused her talents as an illustrator of children's books and an artist for video games. She has loved bringing Captain Pabbu and the other characters to life in this magnificent adventure.

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