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Red River Zoo's Red Panda Impact

Updated: Feb 20

Say hello to Faye!

Faye is a beautiful Red Panda! She is one of three red pandas that live at the Red River Zoo in Fargo, North Dakota.

Fun Fact

The Red River Zoo positively impacts the conservation of red pandas through its success in red panda breeding. More than 25% of red pandas found in Zoos across the United States were born at the Red River Zoo! So if you're ever in North Dakota, take a trip out to visit Faye and her red panda buddies and support the Red River Zoo!

The red panda population has decreased by 40% in the past 50 years. Currently, there are an estimated 10,000 living red pandas, with about 2,500 in their native habitat. Efforts to protect and save red pandas across the world has increased in the last ten years. We're grateful to zoos, like the Red River Zoo, for conserving our cute, furry friends.

Behind The Scenes of Faye's Photo

This stunning image of Faye was taken by the photographer, Russell Harvey. He waited for a while that morning for her to emerge from her dwelling to capture Faye's beauty and grace. This snapshot was taken as Faye carefully propped up to look out over the landscape to see what was happening.

Russell entered this photo into the Red River Zoo’s calendar photo contest and it won a spot. The zoo has even used this picture on its zoo membership cards for the last four years in a row—and for good reason too, she's adorable!

Faye looks like she is happily thinking with her paw under her chin. And look at how well you can see her whiskers! And how long those whiskers are too! They are kind of like cat whiskers.

Though most red pandas are shy and tend to keep to themselves, they are very playful with their fellow red pandas. I would love to see your encounters with Red Pandas too!

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BONUS! You will have a blast doing an activity together, whether it is getting outdoors by going to the zoo or coloring a red panda coloring page!

Here’s to enjoying wildlife (and cute Red Pandas) together!


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