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FREE Printable Red Panda Craft Kids Will Love

It’s not easy keeping up with kids. They have short attention spans and a ton of energy! Especially now if you’re homeschooling, there’s a lot to juggle. And that’s where I want to help! I want to make homeschooling and activities easier and more exciting for you and your kids.

We have created different crafts that will have your kids slow down for just a moment, and it’s a super fun activity! A win-win in our book.

Today we have the amazing Red Panda mask. It’s a coloring page that becomes a Red Panda mask when you cut out the face and the eye holes from the paper. You can even tie a string to both sides of the mask so your child can wear the mask around hands-free. And who knows, maybe they'll want to be a Red Panda for Halloween!

And the best part is, kids love coloring this printout and you can even read them some fun Red Panda facts here while they color! So it will be a fun activity AND a learning experience for your children all in one. What a great deal!

Click to download the Red Panda mask here.


  • scissors

  • yarn, string, or ribbon

  • markers, crayons, paint, or colored pencils

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Print out Red Panda Mask (click here)

  2. Color any way you desire

  3. Cut out the mask

  4. Cut out the small holes on the side of the face

  5. Tie yarn to the holes on the side of the mask and tie around your head

Here's to making easy and fun crafts together!


Red Panda Books sells personalized children’s adventure books that encourage parents to read with their children and experience adventures together! A portion of the books’ proceeds will be donated to support the Red Panda Network and other organizations that protect endangered species and their habitats.


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