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Adventure books your kids will adore,

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Reviews from parents, like you!

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"As a parent, finding interactive picture books is always a joy, and Captain Pabbu and the Buried Treasure did not disappoint. This journey is told through colorful illustrations and fun storytelling while teaching important lessons in bravery along the way. We're eagerly awaiting the sequel, knowing it will bring even more adventure and valuable lessons."

Bri L.

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About Red Panda Books

As an attorney and former judge, Joseph Keeler saw the hardship and tragedy of children who grew up without sufficient reading skills and values.

He founded Red Panda Books to help parents raise intelligent, honorable, and resilient children who can succeed even amidst the storms of life and shifting values.


We assist parents by creating immersive adventures that will ignite your child’s imagination and teach timeless virtues.

  • What ages are Red Panda Books for?
    Our Captain Pabbu series is for ages 3-10, especially because the older children enjoy reading the books to their younger siblings. They absolutely love experiencing the adventures together!
  • Do I have to read the books in order?
    Yes! It is a series that flows from one book to the next. It's best to start from the beginning.


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