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Captain Pabbu and the Buried Treasure

Ahoy there, friends!

Captain Pabbu and the Buried Treasure is officially on Kickstarter (!!) so I thought: it's time for a little behind the scenes with the main characters of Red Panda Books! So, gather around and have fun getting to know our captain, first mate, and lookout.

First up we have our beloved Captain Pabbu!

Captain Pabbu is the captain of the ship and your guide through this amazing adventure! This fearless red panda is always ready to explore something new! And he knows how to make it fun for everyone 😃 He loves a good laugh and always has a few tricks up his sleeve. Are you ready to join Captain Pabbu in his search for the buried treasure? Where is a place you want to explore with Captain Pabbu?

Next up is Manny, the first mate of the ship.

Manny is an attentive emperor tamarin who always has your back. He makes sure that everything on the ship is in tip-top shape. He’s there to ensure everyone is safe during each adventure. Manny’s not-so-hidden talent is that he’s an extreme multi-tasker! He can use his arms, legs, and tail to work the sails, mop the deck, and make an omelet!

What would you ask Manny to put in your omelet 🍳?

LOOKOUT! Time to meet our incredible ship’s lookout, Scout. She is highly skilled at spotting things from miles away: boats ⛵, dolphins 🐬, islands 🏝️, you name it! She can detect danger and smell fear (it’s like she’s part dog!). Her large wingspan makes it possible to fly long distances at great speeds. If you could have one of Scout’s abilities, what would it be?

Thanks for spending time with our crew!

I'd love to hear what your answers to these questions are. Head on over to @red_panda_books on Instagram or Facebook and comment!

Here's to adventuring with Captain Pabbu, Manny, and Scout!


Red Panda Books sells personalized children’s adventure books that encourage parents to read with their children and experience adventures together! A portion of the books’ proceeds will be donated to support the Red Panda Network and other organizations that protect endangered species and their habitats.

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